I was referred to Startup Recroot by my PR guy after weeks of searching for an Android developer for our product. I was looking for someone who met exact criteria and I quickly realized how hard that was to find. Quite honestly I did not have the time after realizing how much work went into finding the right subcontracted computer programmer. After speaking with Tara over the phone I felt that Startup Recroot knew exactly what I was looking for. Within a week she had several phone interviews setup for me and all were exceptional. There was one programmer who stood out among the rest and already had experience in creating exactly what we was looking for. We brought him on the next day and in less than a week he had phase 1 complete and working great. He is working on phase 2 now and I expect his results to be just as impressive. I do not believe that we would have found the quality of programmer without Tara and her team's assistance. Time is money and Startup Recroot saved us a ton of both. Thanks!!–Dave Vinzant, Founder @ N2A Cards LLC

Tara, it was a pleasure talking to you Wednesday afternoon. I found your words very inspiring and have kept many of your ideas fresh in my mind. I was telling my husband that I just had a conversation with one of the best recruiters in the business, now how lucky is that! I found you so genuine and your HR knowledge so informative. You have made my job search so much easier. I will now always take into consideration the fact that if a Employer contacts me for an interview it is them that wants my talent and experience and to sell myself with "How may I help your organization to success". You have a great business going and I tell you during my job searches I see so may HR positions posted. If they only knew about your services they would reconsider their actions. I will definately promote your services to the IT community whenever I see a need.–Susan Coyne

Tara is fantastic! She is very intelligent and in touch with the current marketplace....She is proactive and dedicated to excellence-- I would highly recommend her!–Founder @ Stealth Startup

Tara and her team was a valuable asset when looking to hire new software developers to our company. They identified talent that suited our team, ensured they were a good fit and got them signed all within our timelines. Tara’s top qualities are: Great Results, Personable, On Time.–Benjamin Willis, Co-Founder @ Teldio

Tara was a fantastic help to us in managing our recruitment process. We have offices all over the world (US, UK and Australia) and she was very flexible in interviewing and screening candidates in all the time zones. She is hardworking and passionate. –Andrew Roberts, Founder and CEO @ Ephox

I worked with Tara recruiting different positions at Benbria. Tara is unique in that she really strives to understand what the company needs, which is of paramount importance when building out a start up team. Tara adapted to our hiring process. She understands it's about culture and fit, not just acronyms on a resume, which is quite refreshing in a town filled with recruiters for the government! Tara is very responsive, and is quick to correct mistakes. I recommend Tara for any start up needing a part-time recruiter to help find the best fit. Tara's top qualities are: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity.–Alicia Liu, Co-founder, VP Marketing & Product Management @ Benbria

I was always impressed with how Tara marketed our open positions with social media. She was a pleasure to work with.–Emily McAuliffe, Marketing Manager @ Ephox

It was a pleasure to work with Tara for much of the past year -I recommend her whole heartedly.–Marketing Specialist @ Talent Technology

Tara has been a pleasure to talk with from the first interview to the end of acquiring the job at Ephox. She's become more than a talent acquisition officer for Ephox - she is also a colleague and a friend.–Y. Yanfa, Javascript Developer

The recommendations I received from Tara led to worthwhile interviews and productive hires. She was thorough - often to a fault!–Gavin Douglas, Technical Specialist, Ephox

Tara has been great to work with. She understands the recruitment process well, and moved things forward quickly and confidently. With a sharp eye for the appropriate levels of experience and cultural fit, she screened candidates and passed along only the best matches for my review. Tara’s top qualities: Good Value, On Time, High Integrity. – Ken Johnson, CEO @ Manpacks

I worked with Tara extensively during her time at Ephox. She did a great job of being the first point of call for all our recruitment needs, and was excellent at working with people as we were hiring them. She gets what startups need, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to a startup going through a growth stage.–Rob Dawson, Lead Engineer, Ephox

I was recruited by Tara for my current position with PacifiCom. She was fantastic to work with throughout the interview process and continued to be a support after I was hired. Tara is very organized and thorough. She is definitely an expert in her field. Tara would be an asset to any company looking to find the right person for the job.–Jennifer Mojica, Field Office Manager at RGW